Kendrick Erickson

2003 Ford Focus XM Install

Liking the Pro-Fit VSM from the installation in the Explorer, and needing an XM fix after it died and I got a new vehicle, I basically moved everything into the Focus. Since these pictures were taken, I've removed the FM modulator and use the SkyFi2's wireless modulator. I'll probably end up getting a auxiliary input adapter for the headunit and connecting it directly to the radio. When that happens, I'll take more pictures of the inside of the dash (something I always seem to forget while doing this stuff).

  My (almost) new 2003 Ford Focus ZX3. Didn't know if I'd like it initially, I really had no choice in what I was getting. The blue Explorer died on a 4/13 (Tuesday) and the Focus showed up in my stall on tax day. I'm growing on it. Certainly can preform a little better than the Explorer ever did. Bought in Wisconsin obviously. Can't wait to get my MINNESOTA plates to get rid of that stupid temporary plate... This was my second choice for the placement of the antenna. Initially I wanted to put it behind the existing antenna and use the holes already in the body, however, I found that they were too small and would have needed to be expanded to get the sat antenna leads through. Not worth it, so I just have the wire entering the rear of the vehicle through the hatch and down the passenger side moulding to where the existing antenna runs down the front of the vehicle into the dash.  

  Inside the Focus. Comfortable seats. Enough space for my long legs. And you can see where the SkyFi cradle is. The new dash with the SkyFi. It's mounted on a <a href="">ProFit VSM</a> bought from Ziggy at <a href=""></a> and picked up in Eagan. The only way to go really. Bought it around 2AM in the morning, then picked it up the next day. In any case, it looks about as natural as it's going to get for $30. A view of the wires from the front. They really aren't that noticeable, to me anyway. A view from the back. If only I had a black cable tie. A few more angles/views.  

  A few more angles/views. A few more angles/views. A few more angles/views. A few more angles/views. Straight on shot of the SkyFi. (JPEG artifacts. ;p ;p Courtney Love. ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p)  

  The center console. Any one who has a Focus--tell me if those cup holders are actually right. They don't match, and we've had a hard time getting a replacement from our normal Ford dealer. The first one we got was exactly like the right one in there now. My OCD at work. Should really retake this picture. Still haven't figured out exactly what that's for. I stick the sunglasses in there. Probably something like a change holder. *shrugs* To each their own.  

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