Kendrick Erickson

Grand Marais

Grand Marais, Minnesota is a pretty cool place (figuratively and literally) to hang out. I've got family up there (way too often I get the "I knew you when you were *this* tall." speech) as well as other friends like Marc. That and it's got a giant lake. And rocks.

  Marc's new Dell system. He has another Dell, and likes it, so to each their own. This is his new office, though it's built like a master bedroom. Obviously he's yet to buy furniture for it. The surround sound speakers, probably a little much but Gladiator sure does sound good on it. The box that the speakers came in serves now as a table for the older computer. :D Yeah. Not sure why I took this. The view of downtown Grand Marais, the harbor and Lake Superior from his place.  

  The new bench/firepit area on the beach. Built in the last month by my uncle, who lives at my grandparents' place. Was always scared of going down these stairs as a kid... Look at the pretty rocks. ... Also, the Coast Guard station in the distance, and Artist's Point. This happens to be where the National Weather Service gets its official data for Grand Marais. That would be why it's consistenly 20 degrees colder than any other point in Minnesota, I guess. I was really bored that day. Seriously, bored.  

  Literally minutes wasted. Though, the lake was choppier than normal. As you can tell by the rocks, waves this large are not really the norm. Look at the pretty trees. Yeah. Seems like it'd be fun to go out to the end of that point. Rocks. A picture of <strike>rocks</strike> boredom.  

  Killer surfing spot. For small insects. Wet rock contest! Rocks Gone Wild! Watching the waves assault the larger rocks along the shore was amusing. For about 10 minutes. Maybe 5 minutes. ...  

  See the perfectly hand-whittled dual marshmellow roaster stick sitting on the pallete next to the stairs? Never used it. I hate smores. More specifically marshmellows. Still, must give the stick its due. The sun managed to show itself that day. The old swing set between the grandparents' house and my great aunt's (grandmother's sister) house. There used to be a tree house in there somewhere but I guess it got taken down. Ignignot and Er's home turf over Lake Superior. They're giving us the finger. Strenuously.  

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