Kendrick Erickson

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  The East River Road Garage is built underground right next to the Mississippi. It had just snowed this day. This is East River Road. The view from AndersonH looking towards the Social Sciences building and the Rarig Center. The shoe tree on the south side of the Washington Avenue bridge by the West Bank. I'm sure there's a reason that shoes are in that tree, I just don't know what it is. A view from the Washington Avenue Bridge overlooking the Mississippi.  

  The Weisman Art Museum. Built by Frank Gehry. It's silver. Also, it has wings that serve as great snow collectors. At least till the point where gravity takes over and hits someone in the head. See that? Those four towers in the distance? That's the Hennepin County incinerator. As featured on Let's Bowl. :D The skyline of Minneapolis as viewed from the 19th Avenue Ramp.  

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